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Q:How can I book a ticket from CTG official WeChat platform?

A:First, follow CTG WeChat official account – CTGBUS, then click “Book Ticket” and help yourself to buy the ticket

QHow do I know my ticket has been booked?

A:Please check in the “My Order” in our WeChat official account, and if you see “ticket booked”, it means you have booked the ticket

See Fig.1

Q:How can I take the CTG bus once my ticket has been booked?

A:You can get to the pick-up point 15 min in advance, and then present your valid QR code and get on the bus after the QR code is checked

Q:How can I change or cancel my ticket?

A:As shown in Fig.1, you can change or cancel your ticket by clicking the “Change/Cancellation Policy” button below the QR code, also you can refer to the “Change/Cancellation Policy” (Click “service” – “change or cancel my ticket” at the lower right corner for detailed operation procedure).

Notes: 1. Handling fees will be charged if you cancel the ticket; the ticket can only be changed once, and the changed ticket cannot be cancelled。
2. You can apply for ticket change within 2 hours before departure. Your application will be invalid if you change your ticket more than 2 hours before departure。

Q:Can I ask for manual service?

A:Please follow CTG WeChat official account, and then enter “manual service” in the dialog box to receive customer service online. Our customer service is available from 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM

Q:Can I choose the entry or exit port on my own?

A:The bus may pass through any entry or exit port depending on the routes. Please refer to the shuttle schedule on the day of departure

Q:Should I get off the bus with my luggage for customs clearance? Should I transfer to another bus after customs clearance?

A:Passengers who choose self-service customs clearance must take their own luggage, and then transfer to the second bus to the destination. Passengers from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong Disneyland, AsiaWorld-Expo should not pass through the Shenzhen Bay Port on their own. Please ask the on-site staff to arrange your second bus (No. 2 parking space); for passengers passing through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, please complete the customs clearance procedure first, and then ask the on-site staff to arrange your second bus (A04 parking space); for passengers passing through the Huanggang Port, please complete the customs clearance first, and then transfer to another bus to your destination

Notes: Please read carefully the tips at the pick-up point as well as the instructions from the on-site staff to avoid missing your bus。

Q:What can I do if I miss the bus due to the time-consuming customs clearance procedure?

A:In order to avoid delays of other passengers due to some individual passengers’ customs clearance procedures, the cross-boundary bus will wait only a maximum of 15 minutes for passengers. If you miss the bus, please wait for the next one at the pick-up point of the port

Q:How do you adjust the bus schedule in case of typhoon or rainstorm?

A:For specific shuttle schedules in typhoon weather, please follow our WeChat official account. We will release the latest adjustment of shuttle timing information during the typhoon or rainstorm weather in time. The users can also consult the customer service for details

Q:Is there a discount for one-way tickets or collective tickets?

A:Now CTG tickets are divided into one-way ticket, return ticket and open ticket (available for some routes), and all of them offer different discounts

Q:How to use open tickets during national holidays?

A:Please refer to CTG WeChat official account, and we follow different regulations depending on the specific route

Q:How to book a seat for an open ticket holder?

A:Please follow our WeChat official account “CTGBUS” for self-service booking. Click “Customer Center – OPEN TICKET” in the WeChat account, and then input the ticket No. to book your seat

Notes: Please present you physical ticket when boarding

Q:Can I still take the bus if I lose my ticket?

A:Sorry, this service is not supported right now. All tickets are valid only on the same day as indicated on the tickets. Please take good care of your ticket for check. In case of lost, you have to re-purchase the ticket

Q:Where can I find the locations of the pick-up points?

A:You can find them in the “SERVICE” menu of our WeChat official account

Q:When does ticket booking open?

A:The opening time of booking is subject to BTS’ announcement; and you can also click “Book Ticket” in our WeChat official account to check detailed booking information

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